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By investing in a quality website, you are telling your customers that you have quality products. Now it is time to show them how your products work and why they need to buy them. Think about your own buying habits. If you are looking for a new gadget, you want to see it in action. When visiting a new restaurant or bar, you would love to see people enjoying the location. Or, you just want to watch a “how-to” video about a product or platform. There are tons of stats about how a video will increase the sales of your products. Check out this great article on HubSpot.

As a small business owner, it can seem like a huge investment to have a video produced. Often, the price point is the scariest part of the conversation. That is why we, at Handsome Meatball, offer a free consultation meeting to discuss your budget. We will work with you to find the solution for your business needs. By following the process below, we save time, which saves you money.

Step 1: Discovery & Scope of Work

We will discuss your goals for the project. What is the message and who is that audience? How will we convey all the information necessary through a script, animation, and style? What are your deadline and budget?

Step 2: Writing the Script

Here you will have the opportunity to write your own script or collaborate with our copywriter to develop the story.

Step 3: Storyboards, Styles, and Treatments

We will create a storyboard that includes a still frame of the scene and a written treatment of the animation that flows with the script. All of the animations will follow the guidelines of your brand. (If you have not settled on a brand identity, please feel free to ask us how we can help.)

Step 4: Voice Over

Voice over artists come in many different styles. With our help, we can find the right person to fit your message and budget. Or, we can work with a voice talent of your choosing. We clean the voice over audio; removing any background noises or annoying lip smacks.

Step 5: Animating/Video Editing

This is the fun yet tedious job of combining the previous steps of discovery, storyboard, and voiceover into an animation. Depending on the length of the audio, this process can take several weeks.

Step 6: Music & Sound Effects

Timing an animation to music can be very impactful. Tasteful sound effects can also emphasize messages.

Step 7: Delivery & Approval

We will deliver a finished animated video for your approval.