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SSD Web Hosting in Bangladesh

IT industry is shifting from its age-old storage device technology of Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to Solid State Drive (SSD), it is a hardware advancement in IT industry. Now the question is,

What is SSD?

SSD is a storage device technology that uses integrated circuits (IC) assembles to store data for computer. It has no moving components to read or write data like the older FDD, HDD and other optical character recognition(OCR) devices. SSD’s are much more energy efficient and space saving. But the technology till date is expensive compare to HDD’s.

So, it is obviously a better and most reliable choice for up-gradation if price is no obstacle. The hardware connects with motherboard primarily using electronic interfaces compatible with latest SATA interface or M.2 ports. Different subdivision technologies are used among SSD’s but among them NVM Express (NVMe) SSD’s are the fastest and costliest among all. So, in precise it could be said the technology of today and tomorrow and a choice of smarts who prefers the latest and fastest technology to be ahead in competition.

Why SSD in web server?

Web servers are nothing but database system manager who meets the demand of data storage, data access and data security through web, subsequently web servers depend on storage device extensively. The quality and performance of these storage devices are key to success and showing strength, so they are largely responsive to the technologies of storage devices. A better web server always up to date to the latest, fastest and most reliable technologies.

Demand for high speed and high security SSD web server is stimulated for following few reasons: 

  • We are much more data intensive now a day than ever before with increasing usage of HD/4k images and multimedia files, accessing to these heavy files require higher data read/write speed, lower latency or buffer and high data stability and reliability.
  •  Today’s websites and e-commerce sites are robustly data intensive in style as well as information warehouse, so loading of websites and web pages are affected by web server speed.
  •  Web traffic is enormous today, it is multiplicative through the explosion of digital world with the usage of smartphone and more affordable 3G/4G internet technologies and data access has subsequently increased.
  •  Emergence of the era of social media and digital marketing has increased data sharing in web server.

An SSD based web server helps in following ways:

  •  Faster Web Hosting Speed with blazing fast speed of SSD.
  •  Greater data transfer speed boost data access speed.
  •  Lower latency in data access ensures preventing of data loss
  •  Energy efficiency in power and cooling.
  •  Stability and Reliability of data since durability of SSD is higher.